Washington D.C. CRC

Washington DC CRC is one of many affirming churches in the Christian Reformed Church of North America. Below, you will find their statement.

If your congregation should be included in our list, please let us know!  

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Washington D.C. CRC

Affirming Statement (approved by Council on December, 14, 2022)

The Washington D.C. Christian Reformed Church believes that God loves LGBTQ+ people. They are created in the image of God, baptized into the covenant of Jesus Christ, and welcomed into the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. People of all sexual orientations and gender identities belong in God’s family of believers. We believe that God and Scripture can embrace committed, monogamous same-sex relationships as an example of God’s covenant community and a model of Christ’s love for the church. Sincere, devoted followers of Jesus, including those in same-sex relationships, have the privileges and responsibilities of full membership in good standing— such as eligibility to hold office, presentation of children for baptism, and full participation in the work, life, and mutual discipline of the congregation.


(Washington D.C. CRC gathers at 5911 New Hampshire Avenue NE, Washington, DC. Please join us in person or via YouTube livestream at 10:00am (11:00am beginning September 11, 2022); a video will be posted on YouTube later in the day. To receive weekly email notifications about worship, including a copy of the bulletin, email Please note: In October 2020 we began archiving previous services. All services will be available by request, but only services from the past 3 months will be available to the public.) 

Download the current list of affirming churches and their statements here.