Affirming Churches

The Hesed Project is aware of dozens of congregations of the Christian Reformed Church in North America who are wrestling with the decisions of Synod 2022 and their impact on pastoral care, church life, and Christian witness. Overtures are being submitted, delegates to Synod are being chosen, and gravamina are being written and accepted. We will continue to document these conversations in an effort to encourage and support more of them.

Here is a beginning list of the CRC congregations that have made explicit statements of affirmation. 

Every one of these congregations warmly welcomes you to join them — either in person or online. You can find each statement as a separate entry under Role of Churches on this site, and many entries include information about online worship options. 

If your congregation should be included on this list, please let us know!  

This list is current as of April 2024. Check back often for updates. May the welcome of these congregations warm your heart, and may their love and courage be an inspiration for you.