“Let the one who is wise heed these things and ponder the loving deeds (hesed) of the Lord.” – Psalm 107:43

Hesed is the Hebrew word for the kind of love that God shows humans and wants us to practice, as image-bearers of God. Hesed (pronounced kheh-sed) is central to the Good News in the Bible and captures what we need for this time in the life of the Christian church. It is an embracing, covenanting love that seeks wisdom and takes action for the well-being of every person. Jesus’ way of relating to others, as God come to live among humans, is the source of inspiration and wisdom for this project.

The Hesed Project invites you to explore, discuss, and discern what this kind of embracing love means in relation to human sexuality.  The specific purpose of the Hesed Project is to provide resources for those with questions about the way the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRC) is responding to current concerns. Since 2020, the CRC’s focus has been a document referred to as the Human Sexuality Report, which was considered and approved by the CRC Synod in June, 2022.  The report, and the implications of its approval, raise important questions for all members of the CRC to consider; this website seeks to foster discussion that considers alternatives and includes the voices and impacts for those most affected by this report.

The Hesed Project is the work of an unofficial, bi-national group of concerned CRC members. Regrettably, some members of the group cannot be publicly identified at this time because of high risk for their employment, or potential harm to people and relationships they value. Contacts through the website will be answered with person-to-person engagement whenever possible.  Members of the group volunteer time and resources because we love and are deeply committed to the Christian Reformed Church in North America.