Synod 2023 Overture Analysis

Critical Choices for CRCNA Synod in June 2023

Synod 2023 faces critical choices for LGBTQ+ persons and its own future.  In preparation for Synod 2023, the Hesed Project CRC assembled an expert panel to review and reflect on overtures that came from classes, churches, and members of churches. The panel was composed of four CRC pastors who have expertise in the subject matter, experience with Synod meetings, and have served many years in local ministries. The panel included a member of the LGBTQ+ community and reflected US and Canadian sensitivities.

Nine common themes were identified and four suggestions were made for Synod 2023 to consider. Read the Overture Analysis report, titled Keeping Covenant, share it with others in your church or community, engage with your delegate to Synod, and pray for wisdom for this year’s gathering.  The four suggestions to serve all members and maintain unity are:

1. Choose a path of continued discernment instead of punishing dissenters
2. Clarify the CRC approach to confessions, discipline, and conscientious dissent
3. Give high priority to reducing harm and strengthening pastoral care in CRC churches
4. Address the deeper issues that the controversy over same-sex marriage reveals.

The full report is available to read or download by clicking the ‘Read the Report’ button below.