Fellowship CRC, Edmonton

Fellowship CRC in Edmonton, Alberta, is one of many affirming churches in the Christian Reformed Church of North America. Below, you will find their statement.

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Fellowship Christian Reformed Church – Edmonton, AB

“For we are the body of Christ and each member is a part of it.” (I or. 12:27) Those words signify
what Fellowship CRC strives to be: A community that is called to live and behave as brothers
and sisters in the Lord.

Fellowship Christian Reformed Church seeks to honour God by being an open and
inclusive community. As witnesses to the redeeming power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit
we strive to be a community of brothers and sisters in the Lord who receive and extend the
hospitality and grace of Christ in our worship and our common life. We are committed to
embracing people of all ages, colours, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, ethnic origins, and
economic circumstances. We welcome all who seek to follow Christ to participate as full
members in the life of our church. We strive to remain faithful to the promises made at
baptism, welcoming and nourishing the faith of all God’s children. We seek to build community
in the midst of diversity and honour God’s greatest commandment – to love one another as
Christ loves us.

Each person assumes responsibility for the greater community and seeks the well-being of
everyone within it. We desire to be a community where a spirit of trust and mutual respect
shapes our relationships. We are a church community that wants to share in the joys and trials of
its individual members. We are a place for sisters and brothers in Christ, friends, families, and
organized small groups to interact with each other and to show genuine support for each other.
It’s a church community that desires to show compassion to all members. Our “Safe
Community” document adopted in 2007 describes how we as a church want to be a safe

Fellowship tries to be a church that creates space for all its members. Inclusivity is one of its
founding principles and remains a key tenet in all decision-making. Fellowship allows room for
and expression of heartfelt responses, whether they are of joy and thanksgiving or of
uncertainty, doubt, and vulnerability. There is time and space to ask questions about the
church itself and to reflect on interpretations of God’s call as found in the Bible. Sometimes
these conversations begin in an educational setting for youth or adults; other times the dialog
may occur outside the church setting. With humility, all members are invited to assess and
reassess the church’s mission and mandate. This dialogic emphasis asks members to speak not
only to each other but to people outside of the church community as a way to remain vibrant
and relevant in a pluralistic society.

Respect for each member, as well as for other faith traditions, is promoted.

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