The CRC is Safer Than You Think

Neland Avenue CRC does not stand alone. Classis Grand Rapids East does not stand alone.

Synod 2023 needs to consider the well-being of all CRC churches within a broad spectrum of thought and opinion across North America. There are diverse views on the role of LGBTQ+ members within and between churches in many of the regions of CRCNA.

This map indicates places within the CRCNA across North America where members of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies will be welcome in a Christian Reformed church and community.  Some of the churches are explicitly affirming. Others would characterize themselves as being on a journey toward affirming or welcoming. In each location there are persons who will respect, support, encourage, and enfold LGBTQ+ persons.    

As Hesed Project CRC becomes aware of more congregations, we will update our list of welcoming churches and the map.  If you are interested in finding a church where you would be welcome or if you want to be sure your church to be included in our inventory, get in touch with us!

We are not identifying specific names and locations at this time, to protect members and leaders who fear reprisals.  As soon as there is no longer fear of punishment or attack, a public list will be possible.  In the meantime, Hesed Project CRC thinks it is important for LGBTQ+ members and allies in any one location to know that they are not alone.