The Left Reverend Lebowski on 1946: The Mistranslation That Shifted Culture

The following two blog posts are written by a CRC theologian who blogs under the moniker of The Left Reverend Lebowski. Both of these blog posts are in response to Dr. Weima’s critique of the film 1946: The Mistranslation That Shifted Culture.

Introduction to Part One

Is there only one way to read, translate, and apply specific Greek words about sexuality used by the apostle Paul?  In this response to Dr. Jeffrey’s Weima’s critique of the way the film 1946 deals with this question, another theologian in the CRC provides evidence that Paul was concerned about sexual exploitation, not same-sex marriage as we know it today. This theologian blogs under the moniker of the Left Reverend Lebowski. 

Introduction to Part Two

If you want to dig deeper into what we know about the teachings of Paul and other Jewish leaders on the matter of sexual relations, this blog by a theologian in the CRC concludes there is no evidence that the focus of Paul’s teaching is same-sex relationships as we know them today. This blog continues his response to Dr. Weima, the issues raised in the film 1946, and how we use these texts to address current issues. This theologian blogs under the moniker of the Left Reverend Lebowski.
If you have not yet had the opportunity to watch the film, we encourage you to gather with a group of people, watch the documentary, have some good conversations with curiosity and humility and then decide for yourself. Watch the documentary for $12.95 USD or find a location near you. You might also be interested in watching the post screening webinar hosted by Hesed Project CRC called 1946: Beyond and Behind the Scences.