Reporting on the effects of Synod 2022

Evidence from members of the CRC reveals the decisions of Synod 2022 with regard to the Human Sexuality Report are having a grave impact. 

A new report, published by Hesed Project CRC, shows the impacts that are being felt on leaders and members across the Christian Reformed Church in North America. The report, titled A Litany of Lament, contains over 100 stories of loss, harm, and grief.

Collected over the course of three weeks in March, the stories describe families torn apart, parents watching their children leave the church or leave Christianity altogether, jobs being lost, and health being compromised. Congregations are losing gifted leaders and finding it hard to replace them, and church leaders and members are living in fear of reprisal.

The report – based on work done by volunteers who were galvanized by the harm being caused and the pain being felt – serves as an urgent wake-up call to a denomination that appears to be on the brink of a crisis. It offers six recommendations for denominational leaders.