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Redeemer University Student’s Death Affects School, Community

The Banner (the official journal of the CRC) has thoughtfully covered this very tragic story with some honesty.

(Trigger warning: Suicide)

Bekett Noble, 34, died on campus at Redeemer University in November 2022. Noble scheduled an email to send to the board and faculty of Redeemer the morning after their death, referencing, among other things, recent changes in Redeemer’s mental health support delivery that they said left “an already struggling and helpless feeling community with nothing.” 

Bekett was known at Redeemer as someone who ‘cared for the needs of others, particularly LGBTQ+ students.’  Bekett advocated tirelessly for the LGBTQIA+ community as they understood the pain that many face in Christian institutions.  

The article also includes the Overture from Students at 10 post-secondary campuses. We need to listen to the voices of those who’ve been affected — this was Bekett’s hope and desire. There’s also a link to a group called Free Mom Hugs of Southern Ontario which is a group of people who support LGBTQIA+ youth who’ve been estranged from their families. 

The Hesed Project is committed to providing resources and supporting families, churches, and leaders who want to work at stopping the continued harm of queer Christians. We need to do better as a Christian community. 

Read the Banner article: Redeemer University Student’s Death Affects School, Community

To read more about how people experience the harm, consider reading the student overture to Synod 2022: