Nicholas Wolterstorff: You Have Heard it Said…A Response to Synod 2023

      Nicholas Wolterstorff, philosopher and theologian is retired from teaching philosophy at Calvin College (1959-1989) and Yale University (1989-2001). He is the author of 32 books, and many articles. 

I did not attend or watch the CRC synod of 2023. I anticipated that I could not bear to do so.

I have been a devoted lifelong member of the Christian Reformed Church, nurtured in the faith and educated by it, especially by the Kuyperian neo-Calvinist strand within the CRC. I have spent my career as a philosopher articulating, expanding, and defending the neo-Calvinist vision of what it is to be a Christian in the world.

Slowly I have come to the conviction that love and justice, in the context of responsible biblical interpretation, requires that the church extend the offer of marriage to couples who find themselves with a same-sex orientation. Read more